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LOOKING UNTO JESUS . Heb 12:2. God did not create us to look unto ourselves , relations or friends . It is never His will for us. He made us to look unto Jesus in our race of faith, in our prayer , in overcoming temptation , in our suffering and pains and in our devotion and commitment to His will. We are to look unto Him for mercy , grace, love, help, healing ,deliverance , restoration , transformation , strength and protection. When things are not moving well in our marriages , businesses , careers , ministries ,families and professions , we look unto Him. I pray for u. May nothing remove your eyes from looking unto Jesus, in Jesus name. As u look unto Him, may He answer to all your needs in Jesus name. May nothing distract or discourage u from looking unto Jesus for your success, deliverance and healing in Jesus name. May His light shine all over your life in Jesus name.

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